Previously Unpublished Mozart?

At the back of the Köchel catalogue (the Köchel Verzeichnis or K.V. for short), there are appendices for works that are attributed to be by Mozart but can not be definitively said to be composed by Mozart.  There are various reasons for this, including the absence of a score in Mozart’s hand or stylistic concerns by scholars.

This is where the Harmoniemusik of K.V. Anhang (or appendix) C is listed.  The CD entitled Mozart? released by CBC Records contains all of the Harmoniemusik from Appendix C.  This is the first such recording of its kind.

This two CD set also contains the first ever recordings of first editions of some of these works, that is, they have never been published before! 

This double CD is available on iTunes.

Listen here to excerpts from this CD:

Divertimento in E Flat, K.V. Anh. C 17.01

Divertimento in B Flat, K.V. Anh. C 17.02

Divertimento in E Flat, K.V. Anh. C 17.03

Divertimento in E Flat, K.V. Anh. C 17.04

Divertimento in F, K.V. Anh. C 17.05

Divertimento in F, K.V. Anh. C 17.07

Beethoven Rondino, WoO25



The new live recording by the Festival Winds of Mozart’s Serenade in c minor, K. 388, the Serenade in B flat, K. 361 “Gran Partita” and Dvorak’s Serenade for Winds in d minor, op. 44 has been released.

Send an email to order [at] festivalwinds {dot} com to get your double CD today!.

The CD is available on iTunes, CD, and other electronic retailers.

Mozart Serenade in B flat., “Gran Partita” : Rondo